Silver & Manuscripts


Silver and heraldry are great bedfellows, a bespoke bonnet badge with jeweler made double pins for your Balmoral will have an estimated cost of £700. A set of 17 Prince Charlie jacket buttons would be £500, but price is affected by weight, complexity, assay marking and the current silver price on the day the cast is poured.

Commissioned digital artwork can then be utilised many other uses at minimal cost.

Start the ball rolling with the following button. Artwork can also be bought as a gift voucher for your recipient to brief.

Heraldic silver gallery

Heraldic Manuscripts

I produce calligraphy and illumination for documents for trade, corporate and society organizations to mark achievement and special occasions. Price is dependent on content but an A3 document on archival heavy stock with a set of arms and calligraphy is £250.

Manuscript gallery